Our Process

Extend Building Services has a simple, proven and tested procedure, with communication being the vital component. We keep you informed at all times ensuring your project proceeds efficiently from conception to completion.

Below is a brief outline of the process Extend Building Services undertakes:

  • Make an Obligation-Free Appointment

Please call Extend Building Services for a free no obligation estimation of your proposed building project. One of our specialised staff will meet you onsite, advise the feasibility of your project as well as what is able to be achieved and what is not.

The first thing to think about when designing a new home or extension is your needs. Your needs will ultimately determine the scope and scale of the project. An accurate estimation is returned onsite, within a reasonable timeframe, which clearly identifies what has been included and what has been excluded.

The estimation also makes it quite clear what has been allowed for under each item which is able to identify possible savings if necessary.

  • Engaging Our Services

Once you have made the decision to use the services of Extend Building Services, contracts and building schedule are completed. Contracts used by Extend Building Services are standard building contracts endorsed by the Master Builders Association.

  • Working Drawings

Once contracts have been signed and a building schedule has been completed one of our experienced designers is engaged to complete full working drawings.

In the event that full working drawings and/or Council approvals have already been undertaken, we move straight onto the Documentation/Building stage.

  • Obtaining Building Approvals

Once working drawings are completed plans are submitted to the relevant Council for planning approval. Once Council approval has been granted we engage our experienced private certifier to obtain Building Rules consent.

  • Documentation and Building

Once all approvals have been granted we meet, sign off on the Building Schedule and Working Drawings. Once this has been done building commences.At least one of our experienced On-Site Supervisors carries out the building of your project.

Extend Building Services pride themselves on their excellent communication skills. We keep you informed during every stage of your building project.

  • Hand Over

Once the building project is completed a Certificate of Practical Completion is provided. This is the opportunity for you to start enjoying your new Home/Extension.